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  1. WOW!! What a great story! Really enjoyed this. Hope the sequel is out real soon. Thanks for a good read and keep up the good work!!

  2. Outstanding! Loved the book. Can’t wait to read the next one. At my age of 73 this is the most fun i have had in a while. Thank you.

  3. Marc, great read! Difficult to put down! I too believe we are not alone in the universe. I’ve experienced far too many inconsistencies while reading history and unexplainable features still present on Earth. One simple example: I have a book based on archeology that contains a photo of a round spherical object shaped like a cannonball. The object has been carbon fated back to 2,000,000 + years. On this object is an engrained circular line that is too perfect not to have been either machined or cast upon it. The circular line also carbon dates to 2,000,000+ years. Where did this item come from and who made it? I’m sure many of the other things I’ve seen or read about would be familiar to you. There are just too many unexplainable sites on Earth for them not to have been created by a superior technology and intellect. Thank you for your book.

    Peter Agnew

  4. Mr. Jacobs I thought The Coordinate, was fabulous reading…couldn’t out it down. I thought it an interesting plot; and the fact that two very smart teenagers were in the middle of it, cool. I’m not a teenager but I totally enjoyed it. The fact that you ‘wrote’ it on daily drive is amazing..please continue to produce

    1. Thank you, Patricia! So thrilled you enjoyed it and I plan to! Sequel early next year! Thank you again for reading the book, and I look forward to sharing the next one with you.

  5. Brilliantly done Mr. Jacobs. It was a truly enjoyable read and after a long time last myself in a book! Awaiting your sequel!

  6. Wonderful books! Couldn’t put them down and can’t wait for book 3; found myself going back and forth from book to internet. So cool

    1. Yes! Rob, thanks for the feedback! Thrilled you enjoyed the books and also that you found the websites fun! They are not necessary for the book at all, and added just for an element of fun and realism for those who want to check them out. Really appreciate that feedback! Thanks again and feel free to reach out anytime. Marc

  7. Looking up into the night sky, seeing past the visible stars into the infinite beyond, I know anything is possible and we definitely are not alone in this vast universe. So, reading these two books did not seem to me to be a work of fiction. They were both just very entertaining reads.
    New technologies are just waiting to be discovered, period. I believe the underlying force driving all of creation is love so I embrace the unknown and look to the future with joyous expectancy.

  8. Totally enjoyed these two books. Hope there is a third. I would Love to know the next part of the story of E,mma and Logan.

    1. Thank you, Becky! There is a third one – the conclusion of the trilogy, or at least, this story arc – on the way. It is a way’s off though, 2021, but I am very excited to share it with you and all of my readers who are enjoying the story so far!

  9. THANK YOU!!!
    I thoroughly enjoyed the Coordinate and The Hidden Coordinate. What an awesome adventure! I love the way you wove artifacts and mythology into the stories. I stayed up late reading until my vision started to blur.
    However, I think that you should drop everything you are currently doing and write the final book!

  10. Just finished this book, I couldn’t leave alone, had to keep reading it every chance I got. That being said, it was a wonderful read with all the excite one could experience, the story was brilliantly presented. Those teens were really bright, highly motivated to solve this mystery. Do I believe in what you wrote, absolutely as a story. But their must be others worlds, dimensions, universes and such, it’s not just us. Loved your presentation of the whole story, already got the next one as I finished the 1st book this morning as 1:56AM.
    And by the way if this was for the younger generation, well I’m 80 years old and I enjoyed it immensely.

  11. Loved both books! What a fun and thrilling read! I am anxiously awaiting book #3 to come out. Thank you Marc for writing such an exciting story, with both books. You left us on a bit of a cliff hanger there, so I’m hoping we don’t have to wait too long to find out what happens next! Any hint of if it will be at the beginning of 2021?

  12. As with most of the comments here, I have enjoyed both books, but did have a question in Book 2 , The Hidden Coordinate. When Logan and Dr. Arenot visit Bryan’s comic book shop to get access to “The Final Journey of the Vanir”, During the conversation discussing the Nordic Mythology, Bryan asks which deity was the God of Death and “PROFESSOR QUIMBEY” responded, “Hell, the ruler of the underworld of Helheim.” How was that possible as she and Emma were currently missing??? Just a Slip of the pen?? I definitely await book 3!

  13. Both books were incredible! I cannot wait for book 3 – these are a do not put down set of books!! Thanks!

  14. Both books were fantastic can’t wait for the third. Very imaginative and well thought out. Thanks for the enjoyment you brought us all.

  15. Marc,
    I managed to read both books in a week. Initially I thought they were a little “young” but they are an incredible tale that slowly grips and possesses you!

    I can’t recommend these books more, they are simply brilliant and I’m so looking forward to the next instalment- there’s enoght material here for a epic set of movies to rival Star Wars.
    12 out of 10 is the score! Keep writing !!!

  16. Hi Marc,
    Thank you for The Coordinate – I’ve just read it in a day and half and am about to read the sequel.
    I would like to point out that your lack of geography seems to be amply demonstrated. I’ve not been to Bologna, but as an expat Brit, I do know and love Avebury and Stonehenge exceedingly well (as well as many of the more than 1,000 other stone circles in the UK). You have Logan travelling from Heathrow to Stonehenge via Avebury on the A303 – they’re about 25 miles from each other, and Avebury is to the north along the A360. Also, you mention that Stonehenge is a quiet town – sorry, there’s nothing else at Stonehenge – it’s just the Marlborough Downs – and the A303, which goes past it to the south of the stones.

    Also, when the kids are in DC, you have them sitting in Lafayette Park, about to walk some ways to Pennsylvania Avenue. This is misleading – Lafayette Park borders Pennsylvania Avenue (and the White House) and it’s really just one step or two!

    Sorry to be a Moaning Minnie, but these things stand out when you know the areas involved very well.

    I have signed on to follow you and eagerly await any new books.

  17. I wish I had known that this was going to be at least a Trilogy. I probably would have waited before reading the first one. I hate waiting for the next one to come out. The first book was much better than I expected. It was an Audio version. The second one was only available in paperback, and e-book format. I couldn’t wait for the audio version to come out, so I bought the e-book .

    I wish I would have waited for the audio version, because the audio book was so well done that I felt somewhat disappointed by the e-book. It was still a very entertaining, and a much recommended read.

    I seriously can not wait for the next one to roll out. Please don’t make us wait too long! Thanks for sharing your talent.

  18. Steve
    January 15, 2021

    I thoroughly enjoyed your two books, can hardly wait for more. I am an avid sci-fi reader and movie buff.
    My top four favorite authors include Author C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert and Greg Bear. You sir have required me to add you to my new list of favorite authors for sci-fi.
    Your ability to intertwine all the myths and sites that still baffle scientist to this day made the story that much more believable and probable.
    Thank you! I look forward to reading more of your works.

  19. I enjoyed the first two books immensely. I’ve always been an avid reader and you mix in history and unexplainable phenomenon to weave quite an interesting story. When in 2021 is the next book out?

  20. Just read both books in a day and half. Great story and premise. Maybe mankind will get lucky and survive but until we act as a global planet it’s dicey at best. Always felt that government s and organized religion s just want to maintain their power and the status quo. Seriously any news for when the 3rd book will release?

  21. Just finished the second book and I’m desperately trying to find the next one. I’m devastated! When will the 3rd book come out? Hopefully soon!!!

  22. Loved the first two books. Will there be a third book? If so when is it coming out?

    This is the first time I have ever reached out to an author about a book. That’s how much I enjoyed the first two.

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