Book 3 – The Final Coordinate

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It has been three months since Logan and Emma escaped the battle in the Hidden City, but the fight for survival has just begun. Supay has destroyed Vanirya, and Earth is next, unless they can find the Leyandermál, the most powerful weapon in the universe, before Supay, or anyone else, does.

They will first need to find Isa, who holds the key to locating the Leyandermál, but she is lost in time with Annika. Logan and Emma will have to search throughout history to find her, unraveling the clues left behind in humanity’s past, but their search will not be easy. Not everyone wants them to succeed, while others are sinisterly counting on it.

Join Emma and Logan as they race against time to save humanity and each other, in The Final Coordinate, the thrilling conclusion to The Coordinate series, where failure may be the only option…

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