The Coordinate

“A thrilling cross-continental Dan Brown-style action adventure that blends sci-fi and ancient conspiracies seamlessly into an intriguing plot…” — IndieReader

Logan West and Emma James grew up together but are now high school seniors going in totally opposite directions after graduation. When they are assigned to work together on one last history project, they hardly expect the monotony of high school life to change. Instead, as they decode a series of unexplained clues hidden within their history project itself, Logan and Emma manage to unfold an ancient mystery that has baffled scientists and archeologists, one that has powerful implications for the present day. 

As they embrace the adventure they’ve stumbled upon, and a growing romantic attraction to each other, Logan and Emma find themselves caught up in a dangerous, high-stakes race across the globe to decipher mankind’s past in order to save humanity’s future, not to mention their very own lives, with a mystery that just might reach towards the stars…

A fun YA sci-fi action adventure for young adults and the young-at-heart!!!

“The novel is a great work of adventure, as if we’re following a team of Lara Croft and Indiana Jones as teenagers. … Despite the target audience of this book being YA readers, it also holds an appeal for older readers, simply because of its accessibility, rapid pace, and intriguing subject matter. … A highly entertaining read where you rarely see the twists coming. … The Coordinate is a thrilling adventure from an ambitious and creative author.” — Self-Publishing Review

“Two teenagers embark on a school project that turns into an exciting, dangerous, and globe-trotting adventure in this YA sci-fi novel….  In his debut novel, Jacobs tells a Dan Brown–style adventure story for a high school audience—one that’s full of puzzles to decode and bold, perilous actions… Jacobs keeps the plot moving throughout by introducing unexpected twists… Entertaining on several levels, and sure to win fans for a planned series.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Marc Jacobs’ novel, The Coordinate, will not disappoint your high expectations. With action and unsuspecting twists throughout the story, you’ll be viewing the wonders of the world in a completely different way than before and will be reevaluating your thoughts about the state of our current world. Jacobs’ writing reads very similarly to that of Dan Brown and Robin Cook…” — San Francisco Book Review

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21 Replies to “The Coordinate”

  1. fast moving, interesting story that captures your interest immediately and builds momentum. Searching for the next book!
    Appropriate for all ages.

  2. This is an imaginative read that filled me with a sense of awe and wonder… I cannot wait for the sequel!

  3. The story caught me from the start. Love the website links. Very imaginative! I agree with the other comments…can’t wait for the next story!

  4. I am really picky about what books I read. I download a lot but that I think I will like but just can’t get into lots of them. Not true with this book. I was hooked from the beginning. I, too,
    loved it and will be sure to get the sequel.

  5. Cannot wait for the sequel! This was a great read that kept me turning the page! So many mysteries on our great planet and a story like this reminds us of all we still don’t know or understand about our history – LOVE IT

  6. Add me to your fan base. You have come up with a totally new science fiction storyline. Loved it!!! Let me know when book 2 comes out.

  7. Great story. Really enjoyed books 1 and 2. Looking forward to the next book! What a great way to integrate all of our unexplained myths.

  8. I absolutely loved both books. I just finished reading book 2 and I was like NO! I need more. When I found out that their will be another book I was so excited and I hope you might also write book 4.
    Thank you so much for your awesome story telling

  9. Again loved the books, listened on audio books, when is book 3 coming please, I can’t wait any longer ?.

    And what about the films ?, somebody must be looking to turn these into films.

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