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Author Marc Jacobs has always looked to the stars as a  reminder of humanity’s minuscule place in the universe. Marc finds inspiration in the science fiction genre because it feeds the imagination and keeps people believing in a greater world of possibilities. In THE COORDINATE, the first novel in Marc’s new science fiction series, he explores the question which has remained unanswered throughout the history of mankind, “Are we alone in the universe?”

When Marc is not writing, he lives in California with his wife, two daughters, two cats and an unapologetic English bulldog who runs the house, much to the chagrin of the cats.

Marc is also a cartoonist whose work has been published in magazines, journals, newsletters, and websites across the country and even internationally!

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  1. Loved your book. Waiting for sequel. Your writing is a joy to read. I can see Emma and Logan discovering and solving many mysteries in the future.

  2. An enjoyable read. I look forward to a sequel. I have always been a fan of ancient mystery. Thanks for the fun read.

    1. Thank you Gaylen for the kind words! Thrilled you enjoyed it and I agree – ancient mysteries around our world are fascinating and fun! Looking forward to sharing that sequel with you soon. Thanks again! Marc

  3. Loved your book and I pre ordered the next one. Do you have other books in the works? Can’t wait to read more

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