Do You Have Alien Ancestors?

Have you ever felt a connection to the stars?  Do you sometimes find yourself thinking people just don’t get you and wondering if some part of your DNA might just come from another world?  Find out which constellation your DNA might just have roots in.


What do you like to do with your free time when not reading The Coordinate?

What is your favorite type of pet?

How do you like your meat?

What type of vacation do you prefer (also a good time to read The Coordinate)?

Your favorite class in school...

The best season of the year...

What kind of music do you like to listen to?

What type of reality competition shows do you prefer?

You were right! Your DNA originates from somewhere within...
The Big Dipper

Your DNA comes from the Big Dipper constellation, which is why you probably like the finer things in life: fine dining, fine friends, fine books. Everyone loves you, but for some reason, people don’t take you as seriously as they should, just like the Big Dipper. Despite being one of the world's most beloved and well-known constellations, the Big Dipper is not even one of the 88 official constellations of record. Rather, it is an asterism, a prominent groups of stars that form a pattern within a larger constellation (Ursa Major). (Photo by angelinast on

Wanna get away? You share DNA with relatives in the Pegasus constellation, named after the mythical winged horse Pegasus from Greek mythology. It is likely you love to travel, you take a lot of vacations, you probably even skip school or work when you don’t have vacation days coming to you. Flying to far off destinations is your thing. (Photo by angelinast on
Canis Major

You’ve sniffed it out, your DNA has roots in the Canis Major constellation, which is Latin for "greater dog." You’re everyone’s best friend. If you could improve on something, it’s that you really like to sleep. On the couch, on the floor, at the foot of the bed, wherever. (Photo by angelinast on

Your DNA originates from the Orion constellation, which is why you probably have a strong will, and stick up for others. It’s also likely you got into a fight with someone on the way to school or work this morning, but that just comes with the territory. After all, you’re a natural leader (a bit bossy sometimes) like the famed hunter Orion from Greek mythology. (Photo by angelinast on

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