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  1. WOW!! What a great story! Really enjoyed this. Hope the sequel is out real soon. Thanks for a good read and keep up the good work!!

  2. Outstanding! Loved the book. Can’t wait to read the next one. At my age of 73 this is the most fun i have had in a while. Thank you.

  3. Marc, great read! Difficult to put down! I too believe we are not alone in the universe. I’ve experienced far too many inconsistencies while reading history and unexplainable features still present on Earth. One simple example: I have a book based on archeology that contains a photo of a round spherical object shaped like a cannonball. The object has been carbon fated back to 2,000,000 + years. On this object is an engrained circular line that is too perfect not to have been either machined or cast upon it. The circular line also carbon dates to 2,000,000+ years. Where did this item come from and who made it? I’m sure many of the other things I’ve seen or read about would be familiar to you. There are just too many unexplainable sites on Earth for them not to have been created by a superior technology and intellect. Thank you for your book.

    Peter Agnew

  4. Mr. Jacobs I thought The Coordinate, was fabulous reading…couldn’t out it down. I thought it an interesting plot; and the fact that two very smart teenagers were in the middle of it, cool. I’m not a teenager but I totally enjoyed it. The fact that you ‘wrote’ it on daily drive is amazing..please continue to produce

    1. Thank you, Patricia! So thrilled you enjoyed it and I plan to! Sequel early next year! Thank you again for reading the book, and I look forward to sharing the next one with you.

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